Games & Prototypes

2021 SEEN Unity
  Technical proof-of-concept/prototype, a puzzle game about staying in the light.  
2021 Pathfinding & AI Unity
  Technical project, an optimised pathfinding framework with an AI strategic layer.  
2021 Long Shot Unity
  Walking Sim, mood prototype. A game about relationships grown distant, and the destructive ways that frustration can hurt ourselves and others.  
2020 Neofight Unity
  Retrowave FPS/Tower Defence game. Passion project, and still in the prototyping phase – but already dripping with style, and loads of fun. Very proud of this (so far).  
2020 Health Bar Unity
  2D Platforming/Puzzle game, where the player’s health bar is part of the level. Proof of concept, but a load of fun – still doodling level ideas in the margins of notebooks.  
2020 Astronaut Game Phaser
  Humble 2D Platforming game, web-based and built with Phaser – a collaboration with a friend. Very charming, but mostly an excuse to keep my JavaScript sharp (and to keep good company).  
2017 Space Between Words Unity
  Scrabble + Asteroids. Avoid asteroids, shoot them to collect their letters, and spell words to score points. Small passion project, hoping to finish it (eventually).