Health Bar


A 2D Platforming/Puzzle game, where your health bar is a part of the level. Puzzles are constructed around the player manipulating their own health – jumping on spikes to take damage, picking up items to heal, all while trying to use their own health bar as a part of the puzzle. It was made to try and prompt the player to reconsider traditional platformer tropes (and, maybe, to pose a few interesting thematic questions about our goals, and what we are willing to do to ourselves in the pursuit of them).

Designing puzzles is a unique challenge – it is tricky trying to cater to players familiar with the genre, as well as those with less experience. That said, it has been incredibly satisfying, and I’m finding myself drawn back to this project every now and then. Hopefully it will become something playable in time, but we’ll have to wait and see.

// A few more levels:

// Some fun Level/World selection effects:

A build can be made available on-request.
Currently in development, 2020