A multiplayer, turn-based strategy game developed for a 40-hour “MakeAThing” gamejam at Qantm college, where it won “Best Game”. Players take turns selecting tiles that are neutral or their own colour, and change the colour of all tiles along the same row and column. The game ends when the last neutral tile changes, and the player with the most points wins. Tiles that have been clicked on become “locked”, and not only can their colour not change, but “waves” of influence cannot pass over them. Hovering over a valid tile will highlight the result of clicking on it, and the resulting scores of both players shows in brackets under their current scores.

The player that flips the last neutral tile, thus ending the game, will have a large advantage as they will have the final say on a large chunk of the game board. As such players will often stall, trying to position themselves favourably while ensuring that their opponent cannot end the game on the next turn. Eventually, once a player feels they have a substantial enough lead, they can make the penultimate move, and the enemy player will have one last move to attempt to bridge the gap in points before the game ends.

This game was designed & developed by myself and my late father. The music was borrowed from Toby Fox’s “Undertale” soundtrack.


Left Mouse Button Submit move
Escape Reload level

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Created 2015

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