Misc. Projects

2021 Misc. Video Essays Adobe Premiere Pro
  A handful of video essays created for university assignments.  
2021 Critical Theory Essays WordPress
  A series of bi-weekly essays written as part of a university assignment (some of which are quite good!), deconstructing & discussing the place that games occupy in modern culture.  
2016-Present Dungeons & Dragons Pen & Paper
  Collaborative storytelling game – 121 (almost) weekly episodes, thousands of hours of improv and roleplay, and lot of arts and crafts.  
2015 Lather Rinse Repeat Unity
  3D Character-Action Procedurally-Generated Rogue-Like. Overscoped, feature-bloated, but ultimately loads of fun to develop. Lots learned.  
2015 Methodological Unity
  Competitive, turn-based strategy game that won a Qantm “MakeAThing” gamejam. Think moves ahead, quarter off parts of the gameboard, win.  
2014 Bleakwood Unity
  “Serious” game that plays with Real-Time-Strategy conventions, attempting to make the player consider the gravity of the commands they give.  
2012 Prokemon Web
  Database-Driven website that allowed users to make accounts, create detailed Pokemon teams, view others’ teams and comment on/rate them.  
2011 Minesweeper Web
  In-Browser port of Minesweeper, developed entirely using Javascript, HTML & PHP. Dynamically ensures the first tile can’t be a mine. You’re welcome.