A retrowave genre mash-up: First Person Shooter meets Tower Defence. Not the first of its kind, but designed to empower the player & focus on the strengths of the disparate playstyles. Fast, free-flowing character controls, a Doom-like wheelhouse of powerful weapons, and on-the-fly tower placement all come together to keep the pace high and the action front-and-center.

I’m having loads of fun with this idea – it’s only a few weeks into development at the moment, but (besides the retro font) all assets and gameplay were created by me during my spare time. This is my work at its most self-indulgent and blatant, but… it’s fun (and a good year for a bit of unapologetic indulgence, I should think).

This was my first time (since High School, anyway…) that I’d developed a first-person game, and it has been incredibly satisfying playing around with and remixing traditional elements of the genre(s) – the reticle feedback when shooting was a standout, there is something just incredibly satisfying about that.

A build can be made available on-request.
Currently in development, 2020