A proof-of-concept prototype developed over six weeks as part of an assignment in my Masters of Creative Industries degree at SAE. It played with themes of perception, the role of an observer in relation to a subject, and connections between light and safety.

The core mechanic was that anything in complete darkness ceased to exist – physics objects would freeze (highlighted in white) until any part of them was in light again, and the player would return to the start of the level if they stayed in complete darkness for any longer than a second.

I’m really happy with the way the project turned out – as both a technical and design proof of concept it showed merit.

The final project submission asked for a reflective portfolio, essentially a multi-media post-mortem, which I submitted in the form of a virtual museum showing the game’s design and influences.

You can find the game’s documentation below, which details the conceptual goals and pre-development research that went into it.

Conceptual Framework Essay

A build can be made available on-request.
Developed 2021