Work Projects

2017 – 2019
(2+ years)
Locatrix XR Unity, XR & Web
Mixed Reality application, developed under an R&D grant. Automated 3D visualization of 2D evacuation signs, with endless use-cases: training, emergency response, simulation, etc.

Team size: 9~
Core languages: C#, JSON, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL
Core technologies: Unity, WebGL, XR, integ. with various Azure Microservices

2016 – 2017
(1+ year)
Roames World Unity & Web
3D Geospatial Simulation WebApp that allows real-world asset data to be viewed & interacted with, typically oil, gas & power related.

Team size: 17~
Core languages: C#, XML, KML, JSON
Core technologies: Unity, WebGL, integ. with various Geospatial applications/libraries