Hi! This is my online CV – glad you’re here. At the top there’s a bit of info about me, as well as a load of nitty-gritty below. You can click through the links on any of the projects/companies/tools to find out more – I’ve gone into a bit more detail on the connected pages. Feel free to get in touch!



I love making things that bring joy, that spark ideas, that facilitate and excite and inspire. I normally do that through game development, UX design, creating unique VR experiences, or… Dungeons & Dragons. I thrive best when I’m part of an excited team, with clear goals & ambitions – passion is contagious, and so is productivity.

Being part of a team, iterating and prototyping, writing readable & scalable code, and taking features from inception to production – these are what I find most fulfilling about games and technology as fields.


2017 – 2019 (2+ years) Locatrix Mixed Reality Software Engineer
2016 – 2017 (1+ year) Fugro Roames Junior Software Engineer


2021 – Current     SAE – Master of Creative Industries
2013 – 2015     SAE Qantm – Bachelor of Games Development
  Major in Programming
2008 – 2012     Hillcrest Christian College
  IPT – Programming // Award for Excellence (2011 & 2012)
  ICT – Design // Award for Excellence (2011-2012)


2017 – 2019 (2+ years) Locatrix XR Unity, XR & Web
  Mixed Reality application, developed under an R&D grant. Automated 3D visualization of 2D evacuation signs, with endless use-cases: training, emergency response, simulation, etc.    

Team size: 9~
Core languages: C#, JSON, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL
Core technologies: Unity, WebGL, XR, integ. with various Azure Microservices

2016 – 2017 (1+ year) Roames World Unity & Web
  3D Geospatial Simulation WebApp that allows real-world asset data to be viewed & interacted with, typically oil, gas & power related.    

Team size: 17~
Core languages: C#, XML, KML, JSON
Core technologies: Unity, WebGL, integ. with various Geospatial applications/libraries



2021 SEEN Unity
  Technical proof-of-concept/prototype, a puzzle game about staying in the light.  
2021 Pathfinding & AI Unity
  Technical project, an optimised pathfinding framework with an AI strategic layer.  
2021 Long Shot Unity
  Walking Sim, mood prototype. A game about relationships grown distant, and the destructive ways that frustration can hurt ourselves and others.  
2020 Neofight Unity
  Retrowave FPS/Tower Defence game. Passion project, and still in the prototyping phase – but already dripping with style, and loads of fun. Very proud of this (so far).  
2020 Health Bar Unity
  2D Platforming/Puzzle game, where the player’s health bar is part of the level. Proof of concept, but a load of fun – still doodling level ideas in the margins of notebooks.  
2020 Astronaut Game Phaser
  Humble 2D Platforming game, web-based and built with Phaser – a collaboration with a friend. Very charming, but mostly an excuse to keep my JavaScript sharp (and to keep good company).  
2017 Space Between Words Unity
  Scrabble + Asteroids. Avoid asteroids, shoot them to collect their letters, and spell words to score points. Small passion project, hoping to finish it (eventually).  




C# //           Unity
C++ //           Visual Studio
XML //           Blender
KML //           Adobe Photoshop
JavaScript //           Adobe Premiere
TypeScript //           Postman
Java //           Unreal Engine
SQL //           phpMyAdmin
JSON / GeoJSON //           RedBeanPHP
PHP //           Processing
Python //           Eclipse
HTML //  


Gameplay Engineering
Interaction Design & Development
Virtual & Mixed Reality Development
Real-World Data Visualisation & Interaction
Creating & Implementing Multimedia Content
Rapid Prototyping & Iterative Development
Design, Development & Extension of Custom Markup Languages
Utility Design & Development
Automated Test Solution Development
Large-Scale Development with Source Control
Website Design & Implementation
Back-End Architecture
Database Design, Implementation & Maintenance
Implementation & Visualisation of Sensitive Data


Development in a Large Team (10+ Members)
Participating in weekly meetings
Showcasing personal work
Demonstrations and explanations of developed systems
Taking over & passing on tasks
Collaboration with other developers
Pair programming
Long-Form Design
Actively working on the same projects for a year+
Participating in weekly, monthly & yearly progress meetings
Evaluating and managing tasks over weekly & fortnightly sprints
Maintaining consistent task management & code formatting
Long-Form Production
Communicating with developers of varying disciplines
Organising meetings between multiple interdisciplinary teams
Setting and working towards soft & hard deadlines
Managing scrum boards
Assigning, evaluating & reassigning tasks
Working during “crunch” towards important business deadlines
Assisting Interns & New Developers
Assisting in the transition of interns to full-time developers
Educating developers on processes, systems and etiquette of a team
Supporting and checking in with transitioning developers

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